Reservation Registers / Reservation Roster Registers


07/04/2021 - Notification - Publication of updated Reservation Registers/Reservation Roster Registers of the Teaching Posts as on 01/01/2021( No.VB/SCT-134, Dt. 07/04/2021)

Professor              Associate professor             Assistant Professor      


 04/12/2020 - Notification - Publication of updated Reservation Roster for Non-Teaching Posts as on 01/01/2020 (No. VB/SCT-134/ ,dated 04/12/2020) 

  Group-A       Group-B     Group-C      Group-C(MTS)          


Professor                                                                    Associate Prefessor                                                                          Assistant Professor 
Teaching Posts:     Assistant Lecturer & Eqv.                   Assistant Professor                Associate Professor                 Professor
Non-Teaching Posts:    Gr.-C (MTS)  Non-Teaching          Gr.-C Non-Teaching            Gr.-B Non-Teaching             Gr.-A Non-Teaching
13/11/2017 - Notification - Reservation Rosters / Reservation Registers & PWD Roster (Memo No. VB/SCT-134/2017-18/102 dt.13/11/2017)
Teaching Posts:     Assistant Lecturer                    Assistant Professor                Associate Professor                 Professor
Non-Teaching Posts:    Gr.-C (MTS)  Non-Teaching          Gr.-C Non-Teaching            Gr.-B Non-Teaching             Gr.-A Non-Teaching
PWD Roster: Person with Disabilities (PWDs) 
Notification by Registrar (Acting) (Memo No. VB/SCT-134/2016-2017/ dated 08.09.2016

Persons with Disabilities                Teaching Posts                        Non-Teaching Posts