Prof Amrit Sen

Director (Officiating)

Visva-Bharati Granthana Vibhaga was established by Rabindranath Tagore in 1923 to look after the publication of the Poet's works. Over the years its scope has expanded and it is, today, a full-fledged publication house. Visva-Bharati Granthana Vibhaga publishes authoritative editions of Rabindranath's writings.


The principal activity of the publishing department is mainly publication of Tagore's title and Tagoreana in particular. The number of titles directly related to Tagore are more than 375 out of the total titles numbering 750. The sole responsibility of the publishing department to keep all the Tagore's titles ready in prints at any point of time.


The major activities of Granthana Vibhaga are :

1.Publication of Tagore's works, including reprints and new title

2.Publish any book relevant to Tagoreana

3.Encourage scholarly studies in Tagore