19/02/2021 - Convocation 2020
06/02/2021 - Sriniketan Annual Programme 2021
06/02/2021 - Magh Mela Baitalik 2021
06/02/2021 - Kabi Kakha 2021
26.11.2020 - Celebration of Constitution Day 2020
26.11.2020 - Celebration of Constitution Day 2020 at Granthan Vibhaga, Kolkata
11.07.2020 - Sanitization of Central Library and Central Administrative Building
18.05.2020 - Distribution of Relief Material by Karmi Mondali in Neighbouring Village
17.05.2020 - Upacharya Praying for World Peace at Chatimtala
08.05.2020 -  Rabindra Jayanti 2020 at Visva-Bharati,Santiniketan 
10.04.2020 -Distribution of Corona virus relief materials in adopted villages by Santiniketan Karmimandali 
29.02.2020 - US Consul General Ms Patti Hoffman met Vice-Chancellor at Santiniketan
08.02.2020 - Professor D.P.Singh, Chairman - UGC visited at Sriniketan Magh Mela on 8th Feb 2020. 
06.02.2020 - Honorable Governor Visit at Magh Mela 2020 at Sriniketan

28.01.2020 - Ambassador of Poland to India HE Mr. Adam Burakowski met the Vice-Chancellor of Visva-Bharati on 28.01.2020 at his office after delivering a speech in the Visva-Bharati Lecture Series

28.01.2010 - Webcasting of the Global Potato Conclave 2020 , organized at Mahatma Mandir, Gujarat and Speech of Hon’ble PM  at Rathindra KVK, PSB, Visva-Bharati , Sriniketan

 24.01.2020 - The VC is welcoming the Principal Commissioner of GST ( West Bengal) at Purbita

17.12.2019 - VC Conference at Rashtrapati Bhawan

26.11.2019 - Celebration of "Constitution Day" (Samvidhan Divas) 

24.11.2019 - The Vice-Chancellor met Shri Prakash Javadekar this Afternoon

31.10.2019 - Visva-Bharati Celebrated Rashtriya Ekta Diwas 

29.10.2019 - The Vice-Chancellor met the Hon'ble Governor at Raj Bhawan

 30.09.2019 - Plastic Waste Free "SWACHHATA HI SEVA" Campaign, September 11 - October 27, 2019 organised by Dept of Social Work

17.09.2019 - VC met The Hon'ble Governor, West Bengal (Rector (Pradhana))

17.09.2019 - VC met The Hon'ble Minister MHRD

09.09.2019 - Training Programme under IFAD-ICARDA-Visva-Bharati project, 2018-19

22.08.2019 - Tsinghua University Hall where Gurudev addressed the students, teachers and people of Beijing in 1924

22.08.2019 - Entrance of the building at Tsinghua University where Gurudev stayed for a week in 1924

22.08.2019 - VC met the President of the School of Marxism at Tsinghua Uviversity

18.08.2019 - The Vice-Chancellor speaking at 2019 IPP International Conference on Governance organised by South China University of Technology and UNESCO

13.08.2019 - Prof Sugata Bose, Harvard University and the VC. Prof Bose visited the campus and gave a talk in the University Lecture Series

05.08.2019 - The Visva Bharati Parivar had 12 hour fast to reclaim the land that belongs to the university  on exchange of land for the rehabilitation of the shopkeepers that are illegally occupying the university land.

02.08.2019 - Vice-Chancellor met the Chancellor at his residence

31.07.2019 -  ভারতের বিশ্বভারতী এবং বাংলাদেশের জাতীয় বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের মধ্যে সমঝোতা স্মারক স্বাক্ষর। পাঁচ বছর মেয়াদি সমঝোতা স্মারকে স্বাক্ষর করেন বিশ্বভারতীর উপাচার্য প্রফেসর ডঃ বিদ্যুৎ চক্রবর্তী ও জাতীয় বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের উপাচার্য প্রফেসর ডঃ হারুন-অর-রশিদ।

31.07.2019 - The Vice-Chancellor delivered a lecture on "Redesigning Indian Democracy : The 2019 National Poll" at the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh

31.07.2019 - The Vice-Chancellor Spoke on Gandhi in Dhaka University

19.07.2019 - Vice-Chancellor with the Consul General of Japan Shri Masayuki Taga

18.07.2019 - Swacchata Drive

17.07.2019 - Chai pe Charcha 

13.07.2019- Vice-Chancellor meets ICAR Peer Review Team

 09.07.2019 - Snapshots : Admissions 2019

08 July 2019 - Photos of the Vice-Chancellor being felicitated at Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka

06 July 2019: Vice-Chancellor visited the museum of Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, Dhaka.

06 July 2019: Vice-Chancellor spoke on Gurudev Rabindranath O Kabi Nazrul Islamer Samajchinta at the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, Dhaka

24.06.2019 -  Vice-Chancellor met the Consul of India at Shanghai

24.06.2019 - Vice-Chancellor at the Pudong Tower, on the 88th floor

23.06.2019 -   VC meeting with Vice President of Chinese Academy and Vice Chancellor of Fudan University, Shangha

22.06.2019 - VC at the Indian Embassy 

22.06.2019 - Vice-Chancellor at Beijing University

21.06.2019 - VC with the President of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

21.06.2019 - Vice-Chancellor with the Beijing University Vice-Chancellor


21.06.2019 - Vice-Chancellor at the Kunming Airport 

21.06.2019 - Vice-Chancellor in front of Mao's Mausoleum in Beijing

21.06.2019 - Vice-Chancellor on the Great Wall with Prof Avijit Banerjee

20.06.2019 - Vice-Chancellor visit to Yunnan Minzu University

18.06.2019 - Vice-Chancellor met Ms Yang Mu, Deputy Director General of Foreign Affairs Office, PRC over dinner

18.06.2019 - Vice-Chancellor visited Yunnan University and had a long discussion with the President of the University, Prof Dr. Lin Wenxun 

17.06.2019 - Vice-Chancellor meeting Chinese Consul General in Kolkata before departing for China

31.05.2019 : Women's Farmer Training Programme held  at Digha village, Sainthia Block, Birbhum, Conducted by PSB

May 2019 : Vice-Chancellor met with Paridarsaka (Visitor)

11.05.2019 : Justice Arijit Banerjee of Calcutta High Court met the Vice Chancellor at his residence 

19.04.2019 : VC with the NAAC Chairman Prof V S Chauhan

19.04.2019 : VC attended the International Conference of VCs 

18.04.2019 : 4th Mirza Mehmood Begg Memorial Lecture by Prof Bidtyut Chakravarty

01.04.2019 : Professor Dr Harun-or-Rashid, Vice-Chancellor, National University Bangladesh being welcomed by the Vice-Chancellor Prof Bidyut Charkrbarty in his office

31 March 2019: VC gave offerings in the Hoa Lo Memorial, Hanoi to freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for freedom from French Colonialism.

29.03.2019 : The VC spoke on the occasion of 90th Anniversary of Gurudeva's visit to Saigon organised by the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences. Also met the Indian Ambassador in Vietnam Shri Parvathaneni Harish

29.03.2019 : VC Prof Bidyut Chakrabarty spoke at Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences. He visited the writer's museum where Tagore's half vast and some of his writings,  including GITANJALI are kept. 

28.03.2019 : VC Prof Bidyut Chakrabarty met the Rector (equivalent to VC in our system) of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities at Hanoi; Visva-Bharati had agreed to go ahead with academic collaboration between USSH, Hanoi.

24.03.2019 : Vice-Chancellor, Prof Bidyut Chakrabarty met Chinese Consul General of China in Kolkata 

08.03.2019 : Lecture by Shri Swapan Dasgupta, MP, Rajya Sabha on "Contemporary India : Some Reflections" at Lipika
 A copy of GITANJALI was handed over to The Hon'ble  Ambassador of the People's Republic of China in India.
Vice-chancellor with Chinese Consul.
 E.  Dr.  Hasan Mahmud, Hon'ble Cabinet Minister, Ministry of Information, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh 

16.02.2019 : Faculty / Staff & Student gather to respect & solidarity with the martyred soldiers and their family 

11.02.2019: Mr. K M Khalid, Hon'ble Minister, Ministry of Culture Affairs, Bangladesh on a visit to Santiniketan and Sriniketan 

Magh Mela 2019

VC seeing off CM, West Bengal at the helipad (video)

VC seeing off CM at the helipad

VC meets CM, West Bengal

VC meets HRD Secretary Shri Subramanyam

VC meets with Shri Pranab Mukherjee former President of India

VC meets with Visitor (Paridarshaka), President of India

30.12.2018 : Photographs taken while meeting Hon'ble Union HRD Minister Shri. Prakash Javadekar in New Delhi on December 30, 2018

Safai Abhijaan

 VC Meets Governor of West Bengal at Rajbhavana

Pariksha pe Charcha 2.0

Dept Economics & Politics in association with Bengali Dept at Vidya Bhavana Angana  for Martyr's Day

Dept Philosophy and Comparative Religion for Martyr's Day

Cheena Bhavana Martyr's Day

Sangit Bhavana teachers & Students for Martyr's Day