POUSH MELA (7, 8 & 9 Poush; last week of December)

When, in 1888, the Santiniketan Trust Deed was drawn, provision was made for a Mela. The Pous Mela formally started in 1892, 7th Pous infornt of the ground of North side of Brhman Mandir.

Sriniketan Utsav (6 - 8 February)

This mela along with an exhibition was formally started  on 23rd. Magh, 1328 B.S. (6th Feb. 1922). It is held during 23- 25 Magh. The Mela is based on the agricultural products, equipments as well as the handicrafts and it is to celebrate the anniversary of Sriniketan. 


A small fair held at Gourprangan by students on the day Mahalaya. Soon after, the University closes down for the Autumn recess. Proceeds from this fair go towards a Fund used for charity.

RATHINDRA MELA (27 November)

The students of Palli Samgathana Vibhaga have for the last few years been commemorating the birth anniversary of Rathindranath, the poet's son with a small mela held in Sriniketan.


NANDAN MELA (1-2 December)

This is an innovative art fair held before the birthday of Nandalal Bose. 
Works of art by students and teachers of Kala Bhavana are 
available at affordable prices.