In the past Visva-Bharati had a unitary residential character. At present as a whole 1100 male students and 1170 female students (including school section) reside in 44 hostels of different capacities.

School Section

There are 3 girls' hostels and 3 boys' hostels earmarked for the school section of Visva-Bharati which accommodate 150 girls and 120 boys of Patha Bhavana (Santiniketan school - up to class X) while for +2 section i.e. Uttar Siksha Sadana, 62 seats are earmarked for boys and 54 seats for girls students. Residential students are admitted at class II and also in higher classes of Patha Bhavana
provided vacancies arise.

Higher Institute (College & University Level)

Senior students of Visva-Bharati stay in Girls' Hostels and 22 Boys' Hostels scattered over the twin campus (Santiniketan and Sriniketan) of Visva-Bharati with a total accommodation of 966 girls and 918 boys which also includes Research Scholar of different institutes.

Kitchen and Canteen Facilities

There are altogether 15 kitchens at Santiniketan and Sriniketan including 1 General kitchen for girls. Besides, there are 5 canteens in the campus.