Music Board

It was at the express desire of Rathindranath Tagore, the then partial holder, of the copyright of Rabindranath Tagore's works, that the Visva-Bharati Music Board or Visva-Bharati Sangit Samiti was constituted in 1944. The Music Board was entrusted with the organisation of the teaching of Rabindra music in Kolkata including the periodic holding of examinations and competitions in such music and the granting of certificates and diplomas for proficiency therein. The organization of music festivals,   and the recitals of the works of Rabindranath Tagore and the promotion of their study and diffusion.  The preservation in a permanent form of correct versions of Rabindra Music and rectification pieces of the Poet and propagation thereof. The Music Education Committee would make all possible arrangements for the teaching of Rabindra Music in Kolkata and may maintain one or more schools for this purpose directly under its control. The Committee would have power to take all necessary action for this purpose and to appoint the necessary staff subject to the previous sanction of the Music Board and settle terms and conditions on which members of the staff may give Music lessons to other individuals or affiliated institutions and settle all questions relating to the work under the control of the committee.

The Music Education Committee also helps and co-operates, as far as possible, in promoting the teaching, study and diffusion of Rabindra Music by and through other schools and institutions in Kolkata. The committee would have power to give recognition to music schools and organizations as affiliated institutions for this purpose on such terms and conditions as may be settled in this regard by the committee time to time.